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Private Lessons | One-on-Ones

One-on-One Dog Training: These sessions are designed to address specific issues within the dog's day to day environment. Because we are able to tailor these lessons to meet each person's individual needs, lessons can be held in your home, place of business or any dog-friendly location outside of the home. Be prepared to put in the time. You will be given homework after each session. The initial consultation is about 90 minutes and will cover goals, expectations and allow your trainer to create a lesson plan for future sessions.

*The first lesson is $175. This includes the consult, a full dog evaluation, training and planning/homework.

*Private lessons per session are $120. Packages of 5 sessions are $500 and 10 sessions are $950.

For private lessons done in your home or a public place, there may be an additional mileage expense. This will be determined and discussed at that time.

Packages have a 6-month expiration date.

The Planning Phase: You've decided on the puppy, now you just need a little help getting started with "puppy proofing" your house and picking the right things to help the transition of bringing puppy home go smoothly.  

*This consultation is roughly 60 minutes to an hour and is $200. 

Bringing Home Puppy: Once puppy is home, you're bound to have several questions/concerns. These consultations are vital to ensuring a successful foundation is set in the home from the very beginning.  

*Each session runs 60-75 minutes and cost $200. 

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