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Training Programs

Training Inquiries: 281-816-9668

Our Training Philosophy

Our certified trainers have over 40 years of combined experience in dog training and behavior modification. All of the trainers at Endless Pawsibilities use the "Balanced Dog Training" method.


Balanced Dog Training refers to any approach to dog training or behavior modification which involves the use of both reward-based techniques, and aversive consequences. In other words, the trainer shows the dog that their choices and behaviors can result in either pleasant or unpleasant results. We absolutely believe in connection and building relationships to achieve our goals and accomplish this by encouraging play, using reward-based methods, playing games, teaching boundaries, incorporating markers like the clicker or verbal cues, and by bringing out the dog's natural instincts to create the desire to work.

All of our programs are designed to kick start your training relationship with your dog. We are not magicians and cannot flip a switch and make your dog robotic. All dogs are born with innate behaviors we as humans consider annoying and unacceptable like barking, whining, chewing, digging, nipping, jumping, etc. Our goal at EP is to first teach your dog alternative ways to release their energy, excitement, frustration and anxiety and then to teach you.


Please understand that none of the programs we offer will completely eliminate your responsibilities to maintain and reinforce what has been taught.

What makes our training so different??

We require consults PRIOR to training to help us get to know your dog a little better and get a clear understanding of your needs, goals and expectations. With this important information, we are better able to select a program that would help achieve these goals.

We take AWESOME Field Trips!

If your dog participates in our over-night program, your dog gets 24 hour car, socialization and training we bring your dog HOME to you where we then teach you everything we taught your dog.

We provide video feedback for you to refer back to when you're practicing the commands at home. 

We have over multiple programs WITH flexible payment options to better assist our clients! Some of our programs follow a strict curriculum, but others are completely customizable. 

We have knowledgeable trainers who absolutely love what they do and LOVE DOGS! 

Training services offered

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Daily Training for puppies 8 weeks - 15 weeks


Overnight training in 2, 3, 4 and 6 week sessions


Available for dogs 4 months+ Dog goes home on the weekends


Lives in home with trainer | 4 and 6 weeks


For dogs 8+ weeks. Minimum amount of day required.


One-on-one lessons with you, your dog and the trainer! 

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