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What is K9 Social Club?

The perfect dog retreat for healthy, structured and safe dog socialization

Our private canine social club is a unique and exclusive retreat designed for social, well-mannered dogs. We provide a safe and enjoyable environment for dogs to socialize, exercise, and have fun. Our retreat is located on a spacious 7-acre fenced-in property, ensuring ample room for dogs to run, play, and explore.

To ensure the highest level of safety and quality, we have a team of well-trained staff members who are experienced in handling and caring for dogs. Our staff members undergo extensive training to understand dog behavior, body language, and proper handling techniques. They are committed to providing a positive and enriching experience for every dog in our care.

Our retreat is equipped with various amenities to keep dogs comfortable and entertained. We have shaded areas to protect dogs from the sun, misters to keep them cool on hot days, and pools for them to splash around in. We believe in creating a retreat that is not only safe but also enjoyable for our furry guests.

Before a dog can join our social club, they must pass a full-day assessment. This assessment allows us to evaluate the dog's behavior, temperament, and compatibility with other dogs. We carefully observe how the dog interacts with different dogs and assess their social skills. This assessment ensures that all dogs in our club can peacefully coexist and enjoy their time together.

Our zero aggression policy is a crucial aspect of our social club. We prioritize the safety and well-being of all dogs in our care. If a dog displays unprovoked aggression towards other dogs or staff members, they are immediately and indefinitely removed from our social club. This policy is in place to maintain a safe and harmonious environment for all dogs.

In addition to the zero aggression policy, we have a time-out policy to address any inappropriate behaviors displayed by a dog. If a dog is behaving poorly, we give them up to three warnings, followed by short timeouts throughout the day. This gives the dog a chance to calm down and refocus their behavior. We also inform the client about the issues we are having with their dog. However, if the same dog receives three strikes within a certain period, they are removed from the social club indefinitely until a training plan is implemented. This ensures that all dogs in our care are responsive to our staff and that the yard remains a safe place for everyone.

Our private canine social club is dedicated to providing a positive and enriching experience for social, well-mannered dogs. With our trained staff, spacious retreat, and strict policies on aggression and behavior, we strive to create a safe and enjoyable environment where dogs can socialize, exercise, and have a great time.

Why K9 Social Club?

1) Trained Staff

Our packs are supervised by staff who have been trained in both canine behavior and safe, off-leash play operations

to better understand dog body language, activity-based health concerns and what to do should an altercation happen.

2) Large Open Space

The retreat is located on a peaceful 7+ acres right on the outskirts of Friendswood. With 1 acre completely turfed for rainy/muddy days. This space gives dogs the opportunity to run and play without having the restrictions of 4 walls. While we do have several large, shaded areas, pools and fans for cooling off and relaxing, we understand that the Houston heat can be brutal for everyone, so we rotate dogs in the air conditioning continuously throughout the day to prevent heat exhaustion.

3) Intact is ok! (We are the only daycare in the area that allows intact dogs!)

Studies show that waiting to spay and neuter your dog until after puberty can provide great health benefits - (Read here to learn what we mean). Because of this, we do not want to eliminate one of the only ways to offer a healthy and structured option for socialization after 6 months. Our staff have been trained on what to look for and how to be proactive in order to help prevent unwanted pregnancies. We DO NOT allow females who are currently in heat to be at the retreat. If we see that a female is beginning her heat cycle, we will immediately remove her from the pack.

*Please note, by allowing your intact female dog to engage in open play after 6 months of age, you're taking a risk. Since we can't control what happens with your dog after she leaves the retreat, and females remain in the fertile period for 2-3 weeks, we assume no responsibility for a female in our social club who comes up pregnant. Please talk to your vet for more information!

4) Constant Reinforcement of Positive Behavior

Since our retreat is "training based", this means that we do not tolerate jumping, pulling on leash, bullying

behavior, excessive barking or digging. We prevent this by redirecting when a dog exhibits these behaviors

and distracting them with something more acceptable. 

5) Always Clean

While the parts of our retreat get a bit muddy after a good rain, and we all know dogs LOVE to play in the mud,

we never send dogs home dirty! Our retreat counselors spend time every day rinsing each dog before sending

them home. *If you're wanting more of a full bath after play just let us know and we would be happy to schedule it! 

6) Safe, Structured Environment

We require every dog who participates in K9SC to be fully vaccinated, free of parasites and pass an extensive

temperament evaluation with one of our trainers. We do not, under any circumstances, allow aggressive dogs.

While this won't completely guarantee an altercation won't happen, it helps to cut down the risks.

7) Flexible Scheduling, 6 Days A Week

Our retreat is open for K9 Social Club Monday-Friday from 7 am - 7 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 8 am - 6 pm. However,

since the retreat has staff on site 24 hours a day, we do allow after hours pick up and drop off for a small fee. 

8) Transportation Available!

You may have seen our van driving around town! We offer the unique "bark and ride" service to all retreat guests. All dogs ride in their own safely secured kennel inside the bus to and from the retreat Monday-Friday.

Please see below for a list of locations and times for our Bark and Ride. Reservations are required to avoid being turned away due to lack of space. 

9) Pictures of every dog, every day! 

You read that right. The awesome staff at EP are also awesome at photography and social media. They are constantly taking pictures and videos of your dogs throughout the day to post to social media. Follow us on Facebook, TikTok and Instagram to see daily pictures of your dog!

10) Assessment for ALL dogs before attending and all breeds are welcome! 

We pick of pack members based on their temperament, not their breed. If your dog is social and knows how to handle conflict well, he/she is welcome! Our trainer led assessment looks for sociability, conflict resolution and level of enjoyment your dog shows while be with us. We don't want dogs who aren't happy to be here, and we won't accept dogs are aggressive in anyway. Click the link below to set up a day trial today! 

How much does Social Club cost?

Per day fee

Monday-Sunday; Multiple pet discount is 25% 2nd pet | 50% off the third

$35 / day no shuttle service

$45 / day with shuttle service


Month-to-Month Unlimited Membership - Includes free shuttle service, early drop off (6 am) and late pick up (8 pm)

1 Dog - $400/Month

2 Dog - $700/Month

3 Dog - $900/Month

6 Month Unlimited Membership - Includes free shuttle service, early drop off (6 am) and late pick up (8 pm)

1 Dog - $357/Month

2 Dog - $625/Month

3 Dog - $804/Month

Annual Unlimited Membership - BEST VALUE! Includes free shuttle service, early drop off (6 am) and late pick up (8 pm)

1 Dog - $315/Month

2 Dog - $551/Month

3 Dog - $709/Month

What are the locations and times for the Bark and Ride Shuttle?

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How do I become a member?

1. Create An Online Profile

Create an online account with us through Gingr. This is our client portal and will give you the ability to book social club and boarding dates quickly and easily online.

Within 48 hours one of our coordinators will contact you!

2. Upload or Email Vaccinations

We require vaccinations prior to the initial membership trial. Please be sure that all vaccines are given at least 72 hours prior to drop-off. 

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