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Membership Required? For dogs?? What's that about?

Endless Pawsibilities is a Members Only Dog Retreat! To maintain membership dogs MUST participate in at least one day of social club or boarding per month so your dog stays familiar with the retreat and gets to know our team in a positive manner. This is mandatory to maintain membership. Failure to participate in at least one service a month will result in an additional $65 re-trial fee. We understand this is not the normal practice for other dog boarding facilities and hope this will emphasize just how different Endless Pawsibilities compared to its competitors. We know that dogs thrive off consistency and structure in order to maintain a sense of comfort and security. Dogs who feel comfortable are happier, less stressed and much more relaxed in an otherwise stressful environment. 


The New Member Trial is a daylong assessment of your dog's temperament around new people, places and other dogs. Once you have requested the trial using the tab below, our staff will verify vaccinations by calling your vet. If your dog is current on all required vaccinations and has proof of a negative fecal, we will contact you to confirm your reservation.


  We ask that your dog is dropped off between 7-10 am. During the day one of our trainers will set up different scenarios to test your dog's temperament. Examples of these scenarios would be introducing him/her to another dog of the same sex who is dog-neutral, progressing to multiple dogs of different sizes, temperaments and sex. We would then test your dog's flight risk level by taking him/her to another one of our secured acres on a long line to see his response to his name being called. If the evaluator thinks it is safe to do so, he/she would then be taken off leash in the secured area and tested on her response to coming when called. This is more of an FYI for us. Dogs do not have to be perfect during this test, they just can't show signs of being a flight risk by running to the fence line and attempting to jump over. During the final test, we would put your dog in his "room" for down time and see how well he does. We have an open-room suite, large dog runs and wire crates (similar to what would be in a home) and try to find the space your dog feels most comfortable in. If at any point during the evaluation we believe the dog is a danger to himself or others, we would call you immediately to have your dog picked up. If all goes well during the 3 tests, your dog is welcome to stay and enjoy the day until you are able to pick up. You'll receive a personalized report card with pictures and more details about the day sent via email or SMS!

If your dog passes, he/she is now a member of Endless Pawsibilities. You will be given a membership card with a barcode unique to you. You MUST present this card (or have the number specific to you) in order to drop off AND pick up. This is for the safety of all guests! 

At EP, we have dogs in their rooms as least amount of time as possible. We want all of our dogs out engaging in play with friends in our private social club or, for the introverts, in small group social. Our owner has been in this industry as a dog trainer and social group expert for over two decades and has learned that dogs do best when socially active and mentally stimulated as well as physically!

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