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24 Hour "Liberty" Boarding

Confining dogs for long periods of time without providing them HEALTHY mental and physical stimulation can create anxious behaviors like self-mutilation and lack of appetite or behavioral issues like excessive barking, whining and destruction.


The EP staff is made up of both experienced dog trainers and veterinarian technicians who are there to keep an eye on each dog 24 hours a day and trained to address any signs of stress/anxiety by creating and implementing a plan to help each individual dog feel more comfortable.


While there may be a few exceptions like dogs who are with us to learn crate/potty training, fear-reactive dogs, elderly or young dogs taking breaks, and meal/sleeping time, your dog is guaranteed to be out and about throughout the day playing with their friends AND this all-day play is offered at no additional charge. 

All boarding includes mealtimes customized to your dog's normal schedule, a "multiple pet discount" option, complimentary all-day play (or frequent potty walks if not participating in social), fresh bedding cleaned and changed daily, 24-hour care and video surveillance, unlimited affection and daily photo updates.

Our retreat is equipped with features that help keep your dog healthy while staying with us. These features include whole-house air-purifiers, whole-house de-humidifiers, UV-C lights installed in the air ducts and state-of-the-art HVAC REME HALO system that kills 99% of all bacteria, viruses and microbes. It also reduces sneeze germs, removes dust, pollen and pet dander! 

When we claim to go above and beyond for you and your pet, we meet in! Come by and "experience the difference"!

Luxury Suites

$75 night

  • 10 x 12 Room with raised beds

  • Customized Walk Schedule

  • Window overlooking acre play yard.

  • Calming Music

  • All Day Social Club

  • Boarding with friends

  • 24-Hour Care

Standard Boarding

$59 night

  • 24-7 Care | After-hour pick up/drop off

  • Fresh Bedding Daily

  • Calming Music

  • All-Day Social Club

  • Spa Services Available

Non-Social Boarding

$65 night


  • Specifically for dogs who cannot be in a group setting for health reasons.

  • 24-7 Care / Potty Walks as needed

  • Calming Music

  • Age Appropriate Mental and Physical stimulation games

  • Customized Playtime with Staff

EP is a MEMBERS ONLY retreat! All new dogs must pass a Membership Trial prior to registering for K9 Social Club or Boarding. Please click here to schedule a Membership Trial for your dog. 

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