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Puppy JumpStart


This is a 3 overnight training program where your puppy would live with us for 3 full weeks while learning the necessary things to be the best puppy possible!


At the end of the training, the assigned trainer will go over all of things your puppy learned. You'll be taught the same cues/commands your puppy learned and also taught how to reinforce positive behavior and discourage negative ones.

In this course we address puppy-hood foundational obedience and teach problem solving skills. Upon completion of this program, your puppy will know the following commands and understand proper social behaviors.

  • "look"

  • "sit" / "down"

  • "touch"

  • "come" / name recognition

  • "place"

  • "wait"

  • "down"

  • "easy"

  • introduction to proper leash walking

  • no jumping, no biting/nipping, no digging

  • crate training

  • potty-training

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