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V.I.P. Exclusive

For clients looking for the most elite, personalized training option available. Only offered my owner and master trainer, Charla Sells.

This program is as the absolute best program available and is ideal for those seeking more specific training like therapy/service dog work, to address behaviors inside the home or for more public training like beaches, camping, restaurants, etc. 


Offered in both 4 weeks and 6 weeks, your dog will live in-house with one of our trainers. This means during the duration of the program; your dog will live and be treated like one of our trainers' personal dogs! Vacations, field trips, eating out, couch / bed manners, table manners, manners around children, riding in the car, sleeping at night, running out the front door, walks around the neighborhood, potty training, proper behavior during guests visits and parties, etc. are all examples of what your "most valuable pup" will experience.

This course is 100% customizable and teaches behaviors on and off leash, in and outside of the house. 

Due to the unique and personalized nature of this program, only 2 dogs are permitted at a time. This ensures your dog will get a ton of individualized attention!

4 weeks | $4900 - NePoPo Gold School Certified Trainer

6-7 weeks | $5200 - $6500 - NePoPo Gold School Certified Trainer: Completely off leash trained, includes behavior modification, service dog training, etc. 

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