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Charla Sells, Dalmatian, Dog Trainer

Charla Sells Owner, Certified Master Trainer

Since Charla was a little girl, she knew she was destined to work with animals. She never seemed to fit in with the kids around her and always gravitated towards anything animal related. By the time she was 6, she was certain she was going to be an animal doctor because that is what all animal lovers want to do as a young kid.

In high school she was heavily involved in FFA and earned several high titles for her animals. At 16, she started her first job working as a vet tech/dog bather/front desk admin. She thoroughly enjoyed helping clients and their pets but quickly learned that the blood, guts, and unfortunate requirement of euthanasia wasn’t something she could stomach. During the 3 years working at the clinic, the Dr. would constantly tell her how he had never seen anyone calm the dogs as she did. He said told her she seemed to have a natural ability to speak to them and convince them everything was going to be O.K. Charla took this to heart and became even more confident that she would always work with animals.

In Charla’s early 20’s she drew up her first business plan. She designed a small dog boarding and training kennel and set up a meeting with the bank. A few days prior to the meeting date, she received some very unexpected news. As things tend to happen, her path was quickly changed, and her dream/career was put on hold for a while.

Over the course of several years, Charla gained experience working for multiple pet boarding facilities, dog daycares and training centers. She attended a school for dog trainers for 3 months where she earned her Master Dog Trainer Certification, specializing in Police K9 and Behavior Modification. She titled her dogs in obedience, scent work and controlled bite work and trained and sold her very first Police K9 to Friendswood Police Department where he went on to work for them until retirement. Since then, Charla has trained and sold multiple other dogs for police/service work in addition to training over 3,000 dogs in basic obedience and behavior modification for families.  

Her dream of owning a training-based retreat came true when Endless Pawsibilities was created in January 2019. Since then, EP has grown exponentially and will continue to grow and improve until it is the very best it can be.

The main goal for EP is to help bridge the gap between human and canine communication in order to provide a happy, healthy relationship between you and your dog!

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