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Boarding and Training

All of our board and train programs include 24-hour care, training and socialization 7 days a week, a personalized google drive with weekly updates via text, pictures and videos, weekly field trips, mid-point lessons with the owner, 1+ hour transfer lesson at the end of training IN CLIENTS HOME and 1 year of follow ups and life-time support.


$2100 - 2 Weeks

Our 2-week program is best for clients looking to just get a jumpstart on teach basic obedience. We will teach the foundational cues like sit, down, stay (short durations), come when called (in controlled environments) leave-it, leash walking (low distractions) and place.


$2700 - 3 Weeks

This 3-week program is designed for dogs who are looking for more than just the basics. During the 3 weeks we will teach your everything that is included in the 2 weeks but add in duration, day-to-day distractions and distance. This course will also prep your dog for off-leash control as well as address simple behavior concerns like jumping, digging, nipping and nuisance barking. 


$3250 - 4 Weeks

This 4-week course is great for owners who want off-leash results from a dog that has never had any previous professional dog training. This program teaches the dog everything in the 3-week board and train in addition to teaching off-leash control.


$5000 - One-and-Done 

One-and-done course. Addresses behavior concerns, all obedience on and off leash control. Therapy dog/ESA dog/Psychiatric service dog/CGC prep

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